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Emily S Y (Shu-Yuan) Liu, originally from Taipei, Taiwan, moved to Europe to pursue her studies and musical career, performing across Asia and Europe. Her love for photography blossomed during her concert tours in Germany, leading her to always carry her Leica camera with her.

This camera became more than just an instrument; it became a part of her artistic expression. Emily's photographs began to mirror her music, creating a unique blend of sound and imagery. Through her lens, she wove her musical and photographic talents into a cohesive art form, developing a personal signature that transcended conventional boundaries.

Her journey exemplifies how different passions can merge into a singular, extraordinary vision, reflecting both her musical prowess and photographic artistry.

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9 -19 November 2023

Galleri Cupido

Svartmangatan 27 Old Town Stockholm

Current Performances & Projects

9 September 2023

Monsun Theater

Hamburg, Germany


6 Compositions

6 -9 September 2023

Monsun Theater

Hamburg, Germany


RoLand meets Beethoven

16 - 20 August 2023

Galleri Cupido

Stockholm, Sweden

Musical Exhibition / Photographic Concert

6 Compositions

July 2022 -

2021 -

Stockholm, Sweden

YouTube Channel

Emily's Music Atelier

Music Production Company for Kids

Mimid Music

The Pianist

Master's degrees from the Royal College of Music in Copenhagen & the University of Arts in Stockholm. Performances in Europe and Asia.

The Photographer

Camera: Analog Leica M6. 

Printing Technic: Developed negatives for scanning. Prints on Fine Art Paper.

If Music is my language,
then images are my translators.

Taking photographs is akin to mastering a new piece on the piano. I explore the interplay between musical phrases to grasp the composition's essence, imbuing it with my personal emotions. Similarly, when I visit a new destination, I delve into its history and culture, keenly observing the unique traits and nuances among its inhabitants. I then capture the indelible marks they've left behind through my lens.

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