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Emily S Y Liu
Concert Pianist / Photographer


Emily is born in Taipei, Taiwan. She started playing the piano at early age. At the age of 17, she moved to Europe for studies and has accomplished 3 Master’s Degrees in music. She works professionally as a concert pianist and gives tours around Europe. Emily’s journey as photographer started during her visit to Berlin, Germany. She was given an analog Leica camera M6, and her photographic work accompanied her piano recitals through the cities she performed. After several years of practice, Emily has developed her unique artistic expression by combining classical music & photography.

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16 - 20 August 2023

Galleri Cupido
Stockholm, Sweden


The Pianist

I am a classical concert pianist who holds master's degrees from the Royal College of Music in Copenhagen & the University of Arts in Stockholm. I have frequently given performances in Europe and Asia, and now I run a music production company in Stockholm.

The Photographer

I got a Leica M6 as present when I studied in Germany. Since then, I've always carried it everywhere I traveled. When the speed of digitalising photography is overwhelming, I've chosen to stay with my Leica. Because, each developed photo remains the same as the moment I saw the picture through my eyes. 

The Animator

It all started when I produced my first Classical Music Show for small kids. I had to learn how to interpret the music in their language. So I created animation which tells a story from each music piece. The success leads to a long series of musical animations. To see small kids listening and enjoying classical music in their own ways is really priceless.

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